Accents are one-day-use shoe inserts that comfortably keep your shoes and feet fresh, dry and clean.

Accents Inserts, Sweaty feet, shoe inserts
  • Accents Inserts liners insoles sweat obsorbing
Accents Inserts, Sweaty feet, shoe inserts


Stop Sweaty Smelly Shoes
Accents Inserts, sweaty feet, shoe inserts


"My favorite thing about using Accents are how much more comfortable they make my shoes. I walk a lot and whether I’m wearing flats, heels, or wedges they keep my feet from sliding around, which means even new shoes are less likely to give me blisters." 

-Ida L.

"I can honestly say that thanks to Accents, I'm no longer afraid to take my shoes off at a friend's house. They absorb the sweat from my feet & keep them dry, eliminating odor from perspiration. I've had to get rid of shoes in good condition, but have odor issues. I'm relieved to know I will no longer need to make that choice!" 
-Brenda E.

"I absolutely love using Accents Inserts. I have had sweaty feet all of my life causing me to go through shoes very quickly. The inserts are very thin and unnoticeable when wearing them. They are easy to use and keep my shoes dry and looking brand new!" 
- Markesa K