Rachele Cazarez

Rachele Cazarez   CEO

Rachele Cazarez came up with the Accents idea while walking in the hot city of Miami when her shoes literally kept flying off her feet because of the perspiration. She wondered what she could do to stop that from happening, thus Accents were born.
.Her background in Fashion and International Trade and Commerce gave her the knowledge to bring Accents to life. She had held varied positions in the fashion industry. These have all contributed to her ability to found and develop Accents. She has been able to find the best materials to use through research and comparison of different combinations leading to what is now an extremely useful product. Accents answer many daily, commonly-shared issues faced with wearing shoes.
.She put in many hours over 4 years to make sure that the product she created was a great one. She worked with patent attorneys and in 2017 her product was patent approved. She shaped and reshaped each size. She worked with many adhesive companies all over the country to get the right mix of repositioning capabilities and hold without leaving residue behind. She also hunted for and tested many different types of fabrics to get the right one that absorbs and doesn’t generate heat. All of this was done while making sure everything combined with each other perfectly.
.Now, she has brought Accents to market. With her beta run in June 2016 she is looking forward to more in the near future. She is consistently focused on improving her product. She is currently focused on the women's market, though she will be launching a men's collection in 2021.