Why should I use Accents?
They provide cleanliness and keep your feet and shoes dry throughout the entire day. They also stop your feet from sliding around in your shoes.

How long can I wear Accents?
Depending on the activities in which you use them, the time can vary from 1-2 days. They are basically considered one-day use inserts.

Are they thick and will they add bulkiness to my shoes?
No. They are paper-thin so you’ll hardly notice they are there.

Will I have to cut them to make them fit?
No. A great help is that they are already custom-shaped to shoe sizes - no need for any cutting.

Won’t the adhesive leave residue in my shoes?
No. Many adhesives were especially researched and tested to be sure that this does not happen. The unique adhesive used has the ability to be repositioned if needed when inserting, yet is so durable it keeps Accents in place all day long, then easily and cleanly removes at the end of the day, leaving no residue behind.

Is it hard to get them out of my shoes?
No. When your day is over, you easily remove your Accents using the helpful tab at the back.
How do I use them?
1. Peel off backing
2. Insert into shoe - can be repositioned, if needed
3. Enjoy them!
4. Remove easily with tab provided - leaving no adhesive residue, behind in your shoe.
Accents Inserts from top to bottom
Why is there a tab? Doesn't it stick out when used on sandals?
The tab helps remove the insert from shoes with a back. When wearing open-back shoes the tab simply folds under to hide.
Accents Inserts, odor fighting shoe inserts, sweaty feet
When do you wear accents?
Accents benefits are best enjoyed when feet are bare.

Do you only wear Accents in the Summer?
Not at all. Since they can be worn in any type shoe, they are useful year-round.

Where are Accents made?
Accents are shaped and assembled in the USA. The material is currently imported from China.

Why the name Accents?
The CEO and her mother were trying out different names that related to the inserts but weren’t too obvious. Her mother knows that Rachele is very interested in the many different cultures that make up the world and loves to travel to other countries. She then thought about how each country has its own unique accent(s). She thought of the wordplay of how in one way the word is related to countries’ voices, yet also how one thing can ‘accent’ another; these inserts add a type of ‘accent’ to the use of shoes. Hence, Accents got their name.

Are they available for men’s shoes?
They will be in 2020!
 Accents will be very helpful in providing you comfort throughout your workday and all the way through your date night.